Our Mission

We provide quality services for children and adults with
disabilities to move forward to reach their highest level of independence.

About us

The Cerebral Palsy Association of Nassau County has been assisting individuals with disabilities since 1948. Today, close to 1,500 children and adults with developmental disabilities benefit from the quality programs and services offered that help all move forward to reach independence and their best life. Programs include a school for children ages 2 – 21, an Adult Day Program, Residential Programs, and a state-of-the art Medical and Primary Care Clinic.

The Agency headquarters is located on a beautiful 15 acre campus that includes a fully- adapted recreation area and playground known as Theresa’s Fun Place. Great things happen here on a daily basis as staff works with program participants to make a positive difference in their lives.

Our History

In 1941, requiring assistance with her 18-month old son who had been recently diagnosed with cerebral palsy, Anita Baldwin did not know where to turn. Although the condition is not hereditary, contagious, progressive, nor a primary cause of death, with no facilities in close proximity, Mrs. Baldwin’s isolation and frustration motivated her to seek out others in similar circumstance, eventually banding together to establish a small outpatient clinic that in 1948 became the United Cerebral Palsy Association of Nassau County, Inc. (ucpn)

A comprehensive treatment and rehabilitation center for people with cerebral palsy was built in 1952, thanks to the partnership forged between generous contributors and volunteers who donated construction services. More than seven decades later the Agency is still headquartered on a 14-acre campus in Roosevelt, Long Island, New York, with satellite facilities throughout Nassau County. The Agency is part of both statewide and local support networks that fulfill a similar mission for individuals and their families with disabilities. This includes, CP State Association of New York, which coordinates the efforts of 24 Cerebral Palsy affiliates throughout the State. In 2016, Cerebral Palsy Association of Nassau (CP Nassau) left the National Association after a 60 year relationship.

The separation was prompted by our desire to support the community on a local and national platform with greater choices for both day programs and residential services. By leaving the national organization our new DBA became CP Nassau. Family-centered, comprehensive, full day and outpatient services are provided to approximately 1,500 participants annually. The Agency provides these services to individuals with a wide range of disabilities including, but not limited to: cerebral palsy, intellectual disability, epilepsy, spina bifida, muscular dystrophy, vision impairment and speech delay.  CP Nassau’s Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Department specializes in working with individuals whose lives were dramatically and irrevocably changed as a result of a sudden brain injury.

CP Nassau offers a myriad of on-site medical services that include primary care, podiatry, physiatry, orthopedics, dental, seating, augmentative communication and therapeutic services, the Children’s Learning Center (CLC), Adult Day Services (ADS), Community Habilitation and Residential Services are also provided. Each program offers an opportunity for individuals with disabilities to become self-reliant through the latest therapies, state-of-the-art technology and individualized wellness programs. The caring, and compassionate staff and dynamic and dedicated volunteers remain committed to enabling all participants the opportunity to and to attain their personal best. This is achieved by providing the highest quality services to the children and adults in our Agency.

Our Leaders


Jerry Poller

Executive Vice President
Ed Probst

Vice Presidents
Greg LiCalzi Jr.
Hon. Anthony L. Parga
John Seery
Robert Spina
Kathryn Wilson

Joel Meltzer

Corporate Secretary
Mary Fleisch

Presiding Trustee
Ernest T. Bartol, Esq. 

Sudheer Bhogadi
Dawn Feniello Bressingham
Scott Castellano
Thomas Connolly
Chris Curreri
Timothy Dennin 
John Ferrari
Annamaria Impagliazzo
Albert T. Jaronczyk
Alex Kiefel
Alison Kupillas-Scotto
Robert Masterson
Hilary Moreira
Frank Ozol
Peter Purpura
Victor Scotto, Jr.
Jenna Yang
Mary Lou Zizzo

CP Nassau Leadership

Executive Director
Karen Geller-Hittleman
Ext. 210

Assistant Executive Director
Peter Dolan
Ext. 215

Chief Financial Officer

Gordon M. Siess, CPA

Ext. 205

Corporate Compliance Officer
Jose Rivera
Ext. 354

Corporate Compliance Hotline

Adult Day Services
Sharon Rothstein
Ext. 336

Children’s Learning Center
Kevin Loughlin
Ext. 310/260

Human Resources/Information Technology
Larry Davies
Ext. 401

Medical and Therapeutic Services
Dr. Michael DeAngelis
Ext. 265

Clinical Services
Ellen Naidus
Ext. 285

Residential Services
Paul Lowry
Ext. 360

Quality Assurance
Jose Rivera
Ext. 354


Annual Reports