Annual Holiday Elves Shopping Spree for Students at the Children’s Learning Center

Dec 10, 2023 | Blog

On December 5th, each class from the Children’s Learning Center ventured into the auditorium turned department store to browse and choose gifts for the family members!  This annual event is made possible by the Council of Auxiliaries and the Nassau County Homemakers organization who provide the funding of it as well as the volunteers to work the event.

Prior to the event, each child makes a list of family members they would like to get gifts for.  As they enter the “shop” each student is give a stack of “funny money” to spend on a huge assortment of goodies!  They are assisted by their teacher and other classroom staff.  These kids most definitely have fun doing this and their Mom, Dads, Brothers, Sisters, Grandparents and others are certain to enjoy getting this special little gift.

We are also very grateful to the Council of Auxiliary members and the Nassau County Homemakers for their caring and generosity!  The joy this event brings to our CLC students, and their families represents the true meaning of the holiday!

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