Care Can’t Wait – Sign the Petition!

Jan 5, 2023 | Blog, In the News, Legislative Issues

In the U.S., support for people with disabilities and older adults who need assistance with everyday activities can be unpredictable, unaffordable, and often unavailable.

Too many families are at a breaking point because of severe underfunding in care programs—and it’s time for a long-overdue investment in these supports and services!

We need:

  • Funding for programs that allow people with disabilities to live at home in their communities, without having to wait years to get the supports they need.
  • #PaidLeaveForAll so workers don’t have to risk losing their jobs when taking time off to care for a loved one.
  • Better pay and benefits for direct care workers, who perform a critical job but do not earn a living wage.
  • Access to high-quality and affordable child care and early education for every family.

We can and must do better to support people with disabilities, older adults, family caregivers, and the direct care workforce!

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As part of our ongoing Legislative efforts, Assistant Executive Director Peter Dolan has reached out to Assemblyman Mike Durso throughout the year and visited with him in his local office in Massapequa Park.