Cerebral Palsy Association of Nassau, and Spirit of Huntington Art Center: MOVING FORWARD TOGETHER

The Cerebral Palsy Association of Nassau County, located on a 15 acre campus in Roosevelt, NY, helps 1,500 children and adults with developmental disabilities as well as those who have sustained traumatic brain injuries, stroke and other disabilities.  The non-profit agency, established in 1948, provides programs and services that include a school, The Children’s Learning Center, an Adult Day Program, Residential Program, Primary Medical Care and Clinic and a Psychology/TBI Program.  The Agency is a vital resource for many families and has earned a reputation for excellence.

In light of the year 2020 and all we have endured through a global Pandemic, and now in 2021 feeling optimistic about improving conditions, the new tagline, “Moving Forward Together” has taken on even more significance and meaning.

CP Nassau’s revitalized mission is “to provide the opportunity for children and adults with disabilities to move forward one step at a time throughout their life to reach their highest level of independent functioning.”  The mission helped define their brand essence and led to the new tag line – “Moving Forward Together.” This creative visual approach gets inspiration from the Agency’s breakthrough MOVE (Mobility Opportunities Via Education/Experience) activity-based program used in their school, day programs and the community. MOVE combines the individuals’ present abilities with an instructional process during motivational activities to help improve skills of sitting, standing, walking, and transitioning – leading to improved health, independence, dignity and inclusion of the individual in the family and community. 

This creative message not only symbolized the essence of CP Nassau, but their collaboration with a special organization called the Spirit of Huntington Art Center.  CP Nassau collaborated and chose the Spirit of Huntington Art Center to create the new brand message, because of the unique program they offer known as ArtWORKS which employs unique individuals who don’t believe that a disability should define what they can accomplish in life. Spirit of Huntington is a non-profit organization that believes creative expression can transform the lives of students with special needs by getting them inspired to work and learn the opportunities that digital art and marketing offer as a career choice. SOH is built on a foundation of love that fosters problem solving and free expression that helps nurture students of all ages through educational and vocational training in a structured, safe environment.

This amazing collaboration has allowed both organizations to work together creatively to discover the true core essence of CP Nassau. By doing so they not only were able to hone-in on CP Nassau’s brand identity, but they were able to cultivate a cohesive website www.cpnassau.org that will allow the community to learn more about CP Nassau and what their extraordinary organization has to offer the world. The team at SOH was inspired by the art of Henri Matisse as they created a fresh, new look for CP Nassau.  Not only is the design inviting, current and reflective of the individuals served, the cut-paper style is very meaningful.  Towards the end of his life, Matisse was ill and unable to paint in his usual style, however he did not let this stop him!  He re-imagined and re-worked his style of creating and came up with a new method that resulted in joyous, colorful pieces made by cutting paper!  Henri Matisse continues to inspire people to this day and his legacy lives on in many ways, and it holds a special place in the hearts of the Cerebral Palsy Association of Nassau and the Spirit of Huntington teams and family of students. 

More About Henri Matisse

The work of artist Henri Matisse is known by countless individuals from around the world as a brilliant creative genius. While Matisse inspired so many, he specifically influenced the NEW brand development for Cerebral Palsy Association of Nassau County (CP Nassau). Matisse, a trailblazer in the world of modern art, had a unique style in the later part of his life. When he became ill, he lost his ability to paint, but this never prevented him from pursuing his art. He began to create cut-outs of painted paper by the use of scissors. The inspiration of Cerebral Palsy Association’s brand began here through the distinctive work of an artist who did not let his illness define who he was.

For more information contact Michael Kitakis Executive Director at the Spirit of Huntington Art Center. The Spirit of Huntington Art Center is a 501c3 that ignites the passion of students with special needs and Veterans for creative expression that transforms their lives. Call: (631) 470-9620 Email: michael@spiritofhuntington.com Website www.spiritofhuntington.com Address: 2 Melville Road North Huntington Station, NY 11746.

For more information contact Patricia Quinn Director of Marketing at the Cerebral Palsy Association of Nassau County. We provide the opportunity for children & adults with disabilities to move forward one step at a time throughout their life to reach their highest level of independence. Call:(516) 378-2000 Email: PQuinn@cpnassau.org Website: www.cpnassau.org Address:380 Washington Avenue Roosevelt, New York 11575.

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