Children’s Learning Center Hosts their Version of the Macy’s Parade at CP Nassau!

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CLC hosted a mesmerizing Balloon Day Parade that captured the spirit of Thanksgiving and brought the school community together in a spectacular display of creativity and joy. Inspired by the iconic Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, this event was a resounding success, leaving everyone in awe of the incredible CLC balloon creations that graced the hallways.

Friends gathered along the parade route, eagerly awaiting the procession of balloons, and their enthusiasm was infectious. Smiles, laughter, and applause filled the air as each balloon made its way down the hall.

CLC’s Balloon Day Parade not only celebrated Thanksgiving but also highlighted the power of community spirit and the importance of coming together to spread happiness. It was a day filled with gratitude, inspiration, and joy. To see more photos click the button below.

We wish you all that same joy and wish to express our gratitude to you, the family and friends of CP Nassau!

We give thanks for YOU at Thanksgiving and always!

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