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Oct 26, 2022 | Adult Day Services, Blog, Community

We recently visited Queens County Farm where many of the day-habbers were able to purchase pumpkins to take home! The weather was beautiful, and the entire group enjoyed the many share experiences. When asked about the outing Jackie said, “I love my pumpkin” and Carolyn added, “I had fun.” Pictured with pumpkins are Kim, Frank and Diane.

Also in the photographs are Halloween decorations done by Troy (staff) and Kim (participant). Using tissue paper and lots of tape, the Mummy Door received many compliments from staff and participants. Kim was elated to receive so many compliments!

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As part of our ongoing Legislative efforts, Assistant Executive Director Peter Dolan has reached out to Assemblyman Mike Durso throughout the year and visited with him in his local office in Massapequa Park.