Frontlines: The Vaccine Issue – Individuals with Disabilities Able to Get Vaccine at CP Nassau Facility

On March 2, 2021, U.S. Homeland Security delivered enough vials of the Moderna vaccine for 4 days of appointments scheduled at CP Nassau for adults associated with our programs. Over those 4 days, our amazing Nursing Staff administered 157 vaccines! During the week of March 29, second shots were administered bringing individuals and families that much closer to normalcy.


There are not enough words to describe how thankful and happy I was to be administering the vaccine at CP Nassau. Seeing all the families and individuals who we haven’t seen in a year was a great feeling, especially with how happy individuals were that the vaccine was available for them. 

While you couldn’t see anyone smiling because of their mask, you knew they were, by seeing their face light up when they got into the room where we were administering the vaccine. The happiness and excitement in the room was something you couldn’t describe but I think it had to do with hope.

The vaccine gives us hope for a better tomorrow and a step in the right direction by keeping everyone safe.”

Amanda Sodano, R.N.


“I was considering what I could do to play a role as a nurse during this Pandemic, then CP Nassau presented this wonderful opportunity.

I felt a sense of deep joy and fulfillment in my heart that I was able to be a part of assisting with the vaccine process.”

Cynthia Lambert , LPN


“It was wonderful to see staff again along with some of our CP friends. It was extremely comforting to know we wouldn’t have to wait in long lines for Jenn to get her vaccine. She was happy to be back in school even for a short time.

Thank you all for always being so kind, so caring not only to Jenn but to our entire family for the past 36 years.”

Nancy Carman, Parent


“I am so happy Brianne was able to get the Moderna vaccine at CP NASSAU. The staff not only made this a fun outing, they were so well organized.  They made sure that everyone was at a safe distance from one another and there was no waiting.

We were greeted by a Storm Trooper, then stopped by the free raffle table and took a picture with the Polar Bear.  After handing in our forms, we were called immediately into the vaccination room. Bri was given the shot and we waited the 15 minutes, they took Brianne’s temperature and blood pressure and we were on our way.  

Thank you to all the staff that helped make the day enjoyable and safe.”

Maureen Ciccarelli, Parent


We are so grateful to all the people who had a role in making the vaccine distribution possible at CP Nassau.  Administrators, nurses, clinic staff, staff from all departments who helped with all aspects, families and the individuals who bravely made their first move towards being  safer with the vaccine!

Thank you also to volunteers from the 501st Legion’s Empire City Garrison for adding some Star Wars fun to the vaccine experience!

Gallery of Disabled Individuals getting Vaccinated

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