Save Our Services Family Advocacy Day

Constituents who are family members and Self Advocates make a difference! Your stories and concerns help legislators understand what is at stake in this year’s budget for people with Intellectual and Developmental disabilities makes.

Join us on Family Advocacy Days

The plan:
1. The appointments will be made for you.
2. You won’t have to be alone – meetings will be on Zoom
3. Be sure to let the legislator know that you are a constituent
4. Tell them about your loved one
5. The ‘ask’ is requesting that the legislator go to their leader with the needs of people with IDD be a priority.

If you are interested in participating in Family Advocacy Day please complete the form below.

Full name
Email address
Name of State Senator

Name of Assembly Member

If you don’t know the name of your State Senator or Assembly member you can find it either on or

Virtual appointments will be made for Family Advocacy Day during the period 2/22 through 3/5.

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