Today is the Last Day of Session: Pass OMIG Reform Bill NOW!

Jun 9, 2023 | Blog, In the News, Legislative Issues

Today is the last day of Session.  We need everyone to call and write the Assembly to pass A.6813/our OMIG Reform Bill NOW!

Our OMIG Reform Bill/A.6813 (Paulin), is getting pushback in Assembly Ways & Means. This carefully crafted bill (attached is a letter outlining the bill) retains key elements of last year’s OMIG Reform bill while addressing each point in the Governor’s veto message and adds best practices utilized by states across the country, and the federal government in its oversight role of the Medicare Program.

This legislation has already passed in the Senate.

Assemblywoman Paulin has asked that stakeholders call both Assemblywoman Weinstein and your own Assembly representative to request that they ask the Speaker to advance this important legislation (A6813) out of Ways & Mean and get it passed by the Assembly today.

Therefore, it is extremely important that everyone call and write your Assemblymember to implore the Speaker and Assembly Ways & Means Chair Weinstein to pass the bill TODAY!


Go to the CP State one click: and send a one-click letter to your Assemblymember, Speaker Heastie and Assembly Ways & Means Chair Weinstein to urge passage of the OMIG Reform Bill


·      Assembly Member Weinstein: 518-455-5462

·      Your Assemblymember (the One-click letter above will tell you who your Assemblymember is if you don’t know). If you don’t know your Assemblymember’s phone number, call the Assembly Switchboard: (518) 455-4100 and ask to speak to your Assemblymember.