Mobility Opportunities Via Education (MOVE) is an activity-based program that provides opportunities for students to acquire increasing amounts of time to practice the skills they need to become more independent.  Students start their day by getting off the bus and walking to class with the help of adapted equipment. Once in class, students can practice sitting, standing, walking and transitioning during naturally occurring events during their school day. Depending on the individual, the equipment used are adaptive chairs, mobile standers and forward leaning walkers with the hope to reduce the amount of equipment some individuals need as they become more mobile and independent.

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M.O.V.E. Meets the Needs of our Students!

The MOVE program will meet the needs of our students by improving their overall quality of life especially with students with multiple disabilities. MOVE consists of a multi-disciplinary team including educators and therapists. By improving motor skill participation during their school day this will lead to improved health, independence, dignity and inclusion of the individual in the family and community.

This will also help the individuals assist in their own care and will decrease staff lifting them.  As students become more confident in their skills and abilities they will need less equipment. Outcomes are based on the belief that all students with physical disabilities can achieve greater mobility when given opportunities to practice. 

Students can learn to sit in a regular chair and eat with peers at a table, stand to wash their hands at a sink and walk to participate in play.  To succeed, our students need to practice in a variety of situations during functional meaningful activities throughout their school day. CLC hopes to become a lift-free environment because the students will be able to assist in their own care as they become more independent.


Students are assessed on their individual classroom MOVE goals that are compiled from a completed MOVE Motor Milestone Test which comes from a completed MOVE Assessment Profile for documenting progress and a Reference Manual. This allows for easy documentation, goal writing and task analysis. When a student has mastered a skill, they move on to another level until they reach a “Grad Level” which is a completion of skills.  At that point, they continue to practice their skills during daily activities.


• Ultimately CLC would like to become a “lift-free” environment. Not being lifted out of your chair but being an active part of your own transfer or care fosters dignity and respect.  It also provides each student with a sense of independence.

• The hope of the MOVE program is to reduce the amount of equipment a student may need as they become more mobile and independent.  To do that, our students need access to the different types of the equipment to practice their skills throughout the day.

• Outcomes of the MOVE program are that students have increased choice making, increased independence when moving around their school environment or at home, reduced lifting for staff and family members and promotes overall better health when students are upright.



Our bodies were made to be upright. Standing delivers enormous health benefits that everyone should enjoy. At Rifton we like to speak of the six B’s that benefit from standing: bones, breathing, blood, bowel, bladder and brains.

Optional components are available to tailor the standing frame to your client’s positioning needs. Supine standing provides many therapeutic benefits including head support with partial weight-bearing.