WE NEED YOUR HELP WITH ADVOCACY NOW! https://cpstate.org/advocacy/

MOVING forward with you

We provide quality services for children and adults with disabilities to move forward to reach their highest level of independence.


WE NEED YOUR HELP WITH ADVOCACY NOW! https://cpstate.org/advocacy/

Fifty years ago, Geraldo Rivera’s expose revealing horrific conditions at Willowbrook State School in Staten Island shocked the nation and forever changed the treatment of people with developmental disabilities across the country. New York State Developmental Disabilities Planning Council’s new documentary, “The Path Forward: Remembering Willowbrook”, highlights lessons learned from the horrors of Willowbrook and celebrates the inclusion of people with disabilities in all aspects of community life.

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the children’s learning center

The Children’s Learning Center has a strong commitment to serving the entire family – mothers, fathers, siblings and grandparents. Family meetings, tours, special events, and social work services are available and designed to support the family network.

medical, therapeutic, and rehabilitation services

The Cerebral Palsy Association of Nassau County is among the health systems challenged to maintain preventive and curative services, especially for people living with disabilities and those with chronic conditions.

adult day programs

Exciting and innovative programs which offer adults with developmental disabilities the opportunity to find achievement and satisfaction on a very personal level by providing opportunities for them to develop life skills and abilities.

residential life services

This program operates a variety of living options including Intermediate Care Facilities, Individualized Residential Alternatives and Independent Living Environments with a wide array of support services.

community habilitation

Supports include adaptive skill development, assistance with activities of daily living (hands-on), community inclusion and relationship building, and more.

Corporate Compliance

Our Corporate Compliance Program is about establishing standards of behavior referred to as code(s) of conduct standards, intended to define and encourage ethical standards of behaviors and business practices in the work place, in keeping with the New York State Office of Medicaid Inspector General (OMIG) Part 521 requirements.



As part of our ongoing Legislative efforts, Assistant Executive Director Peter Dolan has reached out to Assemblyman Mike Durso throughout the year and visited with him in his local office in Massapequa Park.


Governor Kathy Hochul released her Executive Budget Proposal and the picture she paints for our future is grim.

If enacted, nonprofit providers of supports and services for New Yorkers with intellectual and developmental disabilities will receive a mere 1.5% cost of living increase, which is NOT ENOUGH.

Please participate in our “One-Click” communication campaign and tell our State Officials to support our salaries and services for people with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities. There is strength in numbers, so it is crucial that you participate.

Link to the One-Click Campaign:  https://cpstate.org/advocacy/

Please note:
There are four issues currently on the page.
IT IS IMORTANT TO CLICK ON THE FIRST THREE ISSUES – OMIG Reform, OPWDD and Clinical Services.  The Governor addresses school funding at a later date.
The third box down is a petition to sign in support of the OPWDD programs for staff salaries – you only have to sign that once.
The last issue on the page is for Early Intervention, which we had to discontinue providing because of the lack of funding.
You will have to exit the page and re-enter to click on an additional one-click message.