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Continuing to provide the highest quality service.

The Cerebral Palsy Association of Nassua County’s Adult Day Programs have a whole new look due to the Covid-19 pandemic.  Our goal continues to be providing the highest quality of service to the individuals we serve and that now includes the additional safeguards that come with Covid-19.

You can choose how to attend your Adult Day Services program!
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Attending In-Person

Attending on Zoom

In-Home Services

Additional Programs

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Attending In-Person

Despite the many restrictions in place as safeguards against Covid-19, there is much fun and socialization to be had by all!

  • COVID precautions are key!
  • Everyone is screened with a Health Assessment and temperature check before they are allowed entry into the building
  • Serving half the number of individuals in a program room
  • Maintaining least 6 feet social distancing between our individuals, whenever possible
  • All staff wear face masks at all times, participants wear a mask as tolerated
  • Following sanitizing schedules
  • Ensuring staff and participants wash their hands appropriately throughout the day
  • Programming organized in small clusters with the same staff to minimize cross contamination
  • Outdoor events – one example is an Outdoor Picnic
  • Wherever possible the program is providing transportation to and from program

Attending On Zoom

Despite the many restrictions in place as safeguards against Covid-19, there is much fun and socialization to be had by all!

  • Join our creative and innovative staff on our extensive Zoom programming every day
  • Just have to tune in to be part of Game Shows, Cooking Classes, Drumming Classes, Tai Chi, Meditation, Art Appreciation, Music, Wildlife and Trivia to name just a few!
  • Enjoy regularly scheduled guests for your personal growth and entertainment.
  • You too can be part of the overwhelmingly positive response to our Virtual programming.

Receive services in your home.

Despite the many restrictions in place as safeguards against Covid-19, there is much fun and socialization to be had by all!

  • If staffing permits, we’ll bring our Adult Day Program to your home.
  • Please call the ADS Program to hear more information that will be personalized for each participant.

Life Options Program

The LIFE OPTIONS PROGRAM is designed by participants and staff. Its goal is to enhance learning experiences and expand horizons. This is continuing to occur, although not through the Learning Modules and Community Inclusion activities as it was before life changed with the coming of Covid-19. The interactive learning process is still occurring, however, virtually through Zoom. 

Many exciting, interesting activities are occurring in LO. They range from guest speakers discussing their experiences as actors in Broadway shows to sports greats talking with our individuals about their experiences as players and answering their questions, to conversing about current events, and debating public policy. Individuals in LO are expanding their horizons daily.

Community-Based Day Habilitation

The COMMUNITY-BASED DAY HABILITATION PROGRAM, while also enjoying virtual programming on Zoom, continue to perform their volunteer work in the community.

They work with Book Fairies, where they deliver books around Nassau County,  ACLD’s Rewearables program where they pick up and deliver used clothing to their sites and of course the always faithful Recyclable program which, while not only helping our environment, is also an opportunity to raise funds for special events they enjoy.

Site-Based Day Habilitation

Individuals in our SITE-BASED DAY HABILITATION PROGRAM, in addition to working on increasing their independence in ADL skills and participating in special events and holiday celebrations, are enjoying special activities such as Music therapy classes, Art classes where beautiful projects are being created, and drumming classes with Sidiki who is an African drummer who gets our individuals drumming and singing their hearts out all on Zoom!

Oceanside Day Habilitation Hub Site

Our OCEANSIDE DAY HABILITATION HUB SITE is a program located in the community of Oceanside.

Adults who participate in the program at the Oceanside Hub site enjoy friendships and camaraderie as they work together with Hub staff to learn and progress. Although currently unable to interact with the community by frequenting stores and restaurants as they did before, they are able to continue to be a part of the community by taking walks and exchanging pleasantries with neighbors, etc. while also working on improving their independence in ADL skills, enjoying hands on activities and virtual programming on Zoom.

However you choose to receive your Adult Day Service Program, telehealth services are in place to meet your therapeutic and medical needs.

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